Start to Feel Better While Staying at Home

Rely on our therapists to turn your home into a healing environment

Why go through the hassle of leaving the house for physical and occupational therapy when you can do it from the comfort of your home? Apex Home Therapy, LLC offers at-home therapy services designed to help you maintain your independence. We have experience working with both seniors and active adults.

If you're interested in receiving physical or occupational therapy in your home, we have the right program for you. Call 908-331-1654 today to get started.

Learn more about the benefits of at-home therapy

Getting at-home treatment helps you start to feel better while making sure your environment is conducive to healing.

Our staff will:

Make sure your home is safe for you
Check that you have what you need in the house
Help you feel comfortable moving around your home

Learn more about the importance of our services when you get in touch with us.